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"I'm multi-dimensional and can connect with several different audiences from corporate executives, communications professionals, professional athletes to students and, everyone in between. I take a lot of pride in developing speeches that are captivating, well structured and incorporate a strong theme along with stories that really draws in and inspires those who are sharing the experience.”
- Chris Thomas

- Chris Thomas

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Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas Author, Speaker, Consultant Divider


Imaginative, captivating and inspiring are just a few words audiences have used to describe experiencing one of Chris’s speaking engagements. He employs suspense, strong storytelling and relevant examples to illustrate the speech’s objective and to inform, educate and motivate audiences to make a difference.

Chris is adept at tailoring presentations for audiences ranging from CEOs and attorneys to engineers, business and communication executives and students. He has delivered hundreds of speeches in venues around the United States, in Puerto Rico, Hong Kong and Brussels.

When Chris speaks, you can expect a highly engaged audience that will walk away not only being entertained and inspired but more importantly with new insights, perspectives and empowerment.  

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Chris's keynotes in-person and virtual events with her unique combination of personal warmth and pragmatic, research-backed content.

Speaking Topics

Chris Thomas Author, Speaker, Consultant Divider

Stories that inspire and captivate for every audience

Chris is a motivational speaker who enjoys sharing experiences from the school of hard knocks, both his own and from others who he’s been able to learn from. He strives to present material with an understanding and respect for all people. Chris often examines our individuality and uniqueness through careful and compassionate stories and illustrations. The following are some examples. Keep in mind that each speech is tailored for its audiences' needs and objectives.

The Power of Communication


Chris focuses on how strong communication from a global to an interpersonal level can have a dramatic impact on a situation, outcome or relationship. He illustrates this through several examples, including the role communication played in the search for Elizabeth Smart from both a macro and micro perspective.

Embracing Differences and Thinking Differently


Chris focuses on the power of striving to accept our differences to create real strength through our stories and unique perspectives. This includes how thinking differently, reserving judgement and finding opportunities to serve can lead to amazing outcomes. Chris illustrates this through several examples, including the life-changing experience of coming to understand his next door neighbor, who was a hidden, broken war hero with a secret, before it was too late.

Serendipity and Crisis Response

Crisis Communication

Chris has become an expert in crisis management after successfully handling more than 300 crises since the Smart case. As a motivational speaker, he shares his war stories to provide valuable insights, tips, and strategies for individuals and organizations to plan and manage issues and crises more effectively.

Elevating Your Career Through Service

Professionals and Students

Chris offers an antidotal speech to professionals and students on the essential need to be constantly working to expand skill sets, horizons and networks . Getting this experience embodies three keys: curiosity, hustle and a willingness to work for Cokes. Through this process, Chris provides tips on how to actively seek out, seize and create meaningful and invaluable opportunities through personal or professional service.